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        Chinese educator conference:Dr.Francis Pang won "Chinese Education Model" award

        Congratulations to Dr.Francis Pang for winning the "Chinese Education Model" award."The world is a better place because of you" 2020-2021 The annual Chinese educator conference was held in Beijing Phoenix International Media Center on March 19, 2021. It was sponsored by the Phoenix Satellite Television, Phoenix Education Group, the Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation of China, and co-sponsored by the China Senior Professors Association. Dr.Francis Pang who is the chairman of the AKD International Education Group was invited to attend this conference. He won the "Chinese Education Model" award as a pioneer for being an outstanding representative of cooperation between China and foreign countries in school management.

        With the theme of "Education for Good and Cooperation for Future", famous educators, outstanding scholars, leaders of outstanding educational institutions, and media gathered together to witness the achievements of Chinese education in the new era, the great changes in education brought by the 100th anniversary of the Communist party, and look forward to the future direction of education. There were many impressive education authorities who joined the conference, such as Gu Mingyuan, the consultant of Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada and Professor of Beijing Normal University, vocal educator Jin Tielin, national cultural heritage project ( Beijing Opera) representative inheritor Liu Xiurong, doctoral supervisor Jin Shangyi of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Dong Bingkun, winner of the Medical Education "Lifetime Achievement Award" of the Medical Education Branch of the Chinese Medical Association. Mr. Tao Xiping, a former consultant of Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada and the late famous Chinese educator, was awarded the Chinese Education Lifetime Achievement Award.

        Dr.Francis Pang introduced the work plan and goals of 2020-2035 for Canadian international schools, and Concord schools on the forum “Integrate and merge the differences between Chinese and foreign education”.In addition, intelligence and accurate education will be the strategies for school development in the future. He expressed his gratitude of receiving this award. He is full of hope for the future development of the group, and is filled with confidence in the Chinese education industry. He firmly believes that Chinese education will become the core force of international education.

        Dr.Francis Pang has been committed to integrating advanced international school system and teaching concepts into China's education for more than 20 years. He is a pioneer of China and foreign cooperation in running schools. He has won the "Great Wall Friendship Award" by foreign experts in Beijing, Canada's "Canadian Medal", " Queen's Board of the Jubilee Medal", "Golden Maple Leaf Award", "International Education Award for Outstanding Contributions" by UNESCO, etc.Congratulations to Dr.Francis Pang.

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