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        Epidemic prevention before New Year and Spring Festival

        At present, there are new cases in Beijing, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complex. On the morning of December 28, 2020, BCS/BCCSC launched the prevention and control plan immediately, and held a video conference to emphasize the school’s epidemic prevention and control work. The meeting required all departments and all faculty members of the school to follow and implement various prevention and control measures. All departments are required to hold on to the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control. The specific requirements are as follows:

        1. New Year celebration and other activities are cancelled. Faculty and staff are required not to gather together.

        2. All faculty members are required not to leave Beijing and China unless it is essential. If you do need to leave Beijing, you have to apply to the school before it. People leaving Beijing are not allowed to go to medium and high-risk areas.

        3. Please keep health record of each teacher, student and employee. All teachers are required not to work when they are sick. Please wear masks scientifically and wash hands appropriately.

        4. In principle, people who do not work for school are not allowed to enter. Those who do need to enter must report to the school. Anyone who return to Beijing from outside Beijing need to provide a negative certificate of nucleic acid test within 7 days.

        5. The staff has to keep public places ventilated and clean key parts such as canteens and dormitories; establish a regular inspection system for food materials, materials, and purchase necessary supplies to ensure food safety.

        6. In the event of emergency, please keep to the principal of instant isolation, instant report, instant investigation, etc.

        7. Please communication with the health, disease control and control mechanism, improve various emergency facilities.

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