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        The supervision leadership team of the district education committee conducted special supervision and inspection of the dining situation of our school

        The District Education Commission and the District Government Education Supervisor Zhang Jingwen carried out special supervision and inspection work on the dining situation of our school students on December 8th in order to create a good dining environment for the healthy growth of students, in accordance with the "Beijing Municipal People's Government on the "Beijing Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Safety Management Regulations (Trial)",

        Supervisor Zhang Jingwen arrived in the canteen of BCCSC at 10 a.m. Under the guidance of the canteen staff, he inspected the catering room and made detailed inquiries, rules and regulations, staff management, and food samples of our school’s canteen. Supervisor Zhang Jingwen highly praised the cleanliness and tidiness of the internal operation room of the school cafeteria, various rules and regulations on the wall, and clear goods purchase details and ledger accounts.

        Canteens should be strictly guarded, quality control from the source, safety management of food production process should be strengthened, and the health of all teachers and students should be protected accordingly.

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