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        Keeping the Constitution in the heart

        December 4th is the seventh National Constitution Day. Study Xi Jinping's rule of law and promote the Constitution is this year's theme. Our school carried out a series of constitutional publicity activities such as "Morning Reading of the Constitution", "Watching the Constitution Video", "Learning the Constitution and Leaning the Constitution", "Constitution Essays", and "Lectures under the National Flag", aiming at implementing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and General Secretary Xi Jinping’s new ideas. With the activities, we will promote the Constitution, and promote the modernization of the education governance system and governance capabilities.

        Constitution morning reading

        Each class carried out the "Constitution Morning Reading Activity" on December 4. The students collectively read the main content of the Constitution of our country. They got to understand that the constitution is the fundamental law of our country and has the highest legal effect and other relevant legal knowledge. After reading in the morning, the students realized that they have an inescapable responsibility for respecting the Constitution, safeguarding the Constitution, consciously abiding by and implementing the Constitution.

        Watching the "Constitution Video"

        By watching the video, the students learned about the constitution and improved the concept of the legal system. They will establish a sense of law-abiding and national awareness in daily life, actively practice the spirit of the constitution, maintain the authority of the constitution, and always keep the constitution in my heart!

        Learning the Constitution in classroom

        The students learned the constitution in class, and write essays to promote constitutional knowledge, promote the spirit of the rule of law which help students to realize the importance of constitutional awareness.

        Speech under the national flag

        The student delivered a speech about "Promoting the Constitution and Maintaining the Authority of the Constitution" during flag raising. This speech called on the students to start from them, strive to be little guardians of the Constitution and protect the law.

        We grow up under the protection of the Constitution and we will work together to create a better future

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