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        The "13th Five-Year Plan" educational research project organized by Beijing Education Society was successfully completed and BCCSC won the second prize

        The executive principal Tian Zhenzhou and four teachers Zhang Gang, Huang Chang, Li Xu, and Zhong Zhaofang participated in the research of the educational research project, with the guidance of Executive Director Andy Truong. "Research on the Implementation Strategies of Subject in Middle School Curriculum", which lasted three years, after the process of project application, project establishment, preparatory meeting, research, report, and expert guidance, the research task was completed. It was awarded the second prize of the "13th Five-Year Plan" Educational Research Project by the Beijing Institute of Education.

        The purpose of choosing this research topic is to further improve the quality of school education and teaching, help students better prepare for further studies, and improve students’ adaptability and competitiveness. The research provides theoretical reference and practical basis.

        The core ability of certain subject is the high-level, core essential qualities. How to accurately develop it? What is its value and significance? How are various subjects implemented in the middle school classroom? What are the strategies? How to avoid overlapping? How to reflect the integrated spirit of the curriculum?

        The teachers of the research group actively explored these issues and made a lot of innovative attempts. They wrote three reports, more than 20 individual achievement papers, and more than 40 teaching cases. Nearly a thousand copies of teaching videos and photos, more than 600 copies of teaching plans, study plans, questionnaires, interview outlines, scales, and sub-project plans, and more than 500 copies of student works.

        After three years exploration, the concept of core ability of the subject is implemented in the classroom and extended to life outside the classroom. Teachers’ teaching philosophy has also undergone a professional transformation, and they have become active designers and developers of excellent classrooms and lesson examples. Updating educational concepts has become a significant driving force for teachers' professional development. Congratulations once again to the leaders and teachers of the research group. Our school will make persistent efforts in education and scientific research in order to further build a far-reaching international education brands!

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