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        Norovirus Preventation in School

        The school has launched a "prevention of norovirus" campaign in order to further improve the prevention and control of norovirus, implement measures such as "early detection, early diagnosis, early reporting, and early control" to protect the health of teachers and students.

        Each class issued a letter of "Prevention of Norovirus" to parents and a letter of commitment to prevent norovirus so that parents can make use of scientific methods to protect themselves from these diseases, effectively enhance their self-protection awareness.

        Teachers in each grade explained knowledge and play videos to help students better understand the transmission route, types and prevention of norovirus, and to develop the habit of being hygienic and clean in future life.

        The school implemented disinfection measures and morning and afternoon inspections for students, and registered absences due to illness.

        Our school has conducted training on the prevention and control of infectious diseases and disinfection knowledge for cleaners, canteens, and logistics personnel. Vice Principal Ma Xiaokui has put forward higher requirements for the prevention and control of infectious diseases in the future. Afterwards, the school doctor explained the basic knowledge of the prevention and control of infectious diseases, especially the acute gastroenteritis of norovirus, and demonstrated the preparation of disinfectant and the treatment of vomit on the spot.

        Our school carried out norovirus simulation exercise in order to improve the emergency response of the teachers.

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