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        Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada’s Business Association participated in ASDAN Simulated Business Competition Beijing Regional Competition

        On December 12, 2020, students from Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada participated in the Beijing regional ASDAN simulated business competition and achieved excellent results. One group won a Bronze Award and was ranked one of the Top Trading Teams. We have qualified for the 2021 National All-Star Game and one team has also been invited to participate in the International Shanghai Global Games in 2021.

        ASDAN Simulation Business Competition is based on the professional simulation of business using an IT system, which completely simulates the real environment and decision-making process of the market and company operation. This includes four major parts: operation decision, company road show, business competition, and auction transaction. The company that wins the most amount of net assets becomes the champion.

        During this productive weekend, the students who joined the competition have learned a lot of new knowledge and gained new experiences.

        We have asked several of our members to talk about their experience:

        CEO Yu Ying Grade 12 Class 3

        During this business competition, I not only got to meet many new friends from other schools, but also promoted my communication skills and leadership. As the CEO of the whole company and the president of the trading company, I had to allocate the tasks of each member, while making sure that everyone was safe and happy. In addition, I was also responsible for communicating with other companies during the auction stage. This experience was challenging but was a really great experience that taught me a lot.

        CEO Yuan Maowen Grade 12 Class 3

        I participated in ASDAN Business Simulation on December 12th. I competed with 51 teams and was just one step away from the third place as a new team. In the road show and auction trading, I realized the importance of speech communication skills and overall perspective. I gradually found and improved the problems that our company had in different stages. We had to learn how to make the right decisions using teamwork and discussion skills. As a CEO, I was able to learn a lot of leadership skills that I know will be beneficial to me in my future.

        Member Li Zaiming Grade 12 Class 3

        I took part in the ASDAN Business Simulation last year and with the experience and knowledge gained last year, our team won the bronze prize in this business competition. I'm mainly in charge of calculation in this contest. Through the calculation of this competition, we can accumulate experience for our future study.

        Member Maggie Zexi Yu Grade 12 Class 1

        This year was my first time taking part in ASDAN’s Business Simulation. I thought it wasn't going to be interesting at first. But my last day there, I was filled with regret on why I didn’t participate in this competition before. This year will be my last year left to join this business simulation and I’m glad I joined. Through this competition, I learned about what it’s like to be a team. Everyone is working together for a good road show, to make the best deals in trading, and to make the most amount of money. I made a lot of new friends through this experience and learned so much about communication and working together. I am really glad that I came to this competition this year.

        Member Liu Ruomin Grade 11 Class 1

        Last weekend, my classmates and I took part in the simulated business competition held by ASDAN. I was very excited. This was the first time I participated in this type of activity. I was so lost at the beginning but, I gradually got familiar with the rules of the game. I learned a lot of new skills and gained a lot of practice for myself. I also made new friends with excellent people from other schools. I look forward to participating more in these types of competitions in the future.

        We look forward to our students outstanding results in the next competition.

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