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        Pay attention to mental health ——BCS/BCCSC Held Student Mental Health Teacher Training

        Youth is a time for young people to study diligently and enjoy life. However, some young people in society are troubled by psychological problems, which seriously affect their physical and mental health. Director Niu Yadong of the Psychological Counseling Center of our school held a lively training with the theme of "Focus on Life Safety", aiming to let all teachers pay attention to the changes of students, pay attention to their mental health problems, and promote their healthy growth. .

        As a school, we always put safety in the first place. These are all issues worthy of every teacher’s attention. As teachers, we should put education teaching and moral education work in an equally important position, give students appropriate guidance and warm care for their emotions, and we must actively conduct emotional counseling on them!

        It is hoped that all students will grow up happily with a healthy, optimistic and positive attitude in the harmonious atmosphere of the campus!

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