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        Tongzhou district education committee supervises school mental health education work

        On November 25, 2020, Supervisor Zhang Jingwen of Tistrict Education Commission and the District Government Education Supervision Office carried out special supervision and inspection of mental health education work at BCCSC/BCS.

        Supervisor Zhang Jingwen, accompanied by Director Niu Yadong of the Personal Development Consultation Center of our school, and Director Liu Fang of the school office, conducted on-site inspections of the psychology classroom and campus board. Director Niu Yadong reported the characteristics of the school's mental health education work, the development of school mental health education from the activity class to the psychology class becoming a compulsory course, training a group of consultants integrated into various departments, developing psychology class, career planning curriculum and personality The characteristic development of curriculum, consultation and student psychology association, actively participated in the research of the subject, realized the full participation and comprehensive penetration of the mental education work. Subsequently, Supervisor Zhang Jingwen asked in detail about the development of activities such as mental health education class, case counseling, student psychological status screening, mental health education and training, home-school communication, etc. Teacher Zhang Xin answered the questions.

        Inspector Zhang Jingwen fully affirmed the school’s mental health education work and praised the school’s emphasis on mental health education work. The mental education work started early and the school’s mental health education work has achieved a lots results.

        Our school will take this as an opportunity to improve ourselves, make use of work experience, and strive to do better in the school’s psychological education.

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