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        BCS launches puberty health education lecture

        Puberty is an important period in the growth process of life. In order to guide young people to deal with the physical and psychological changes, Vice Principal Ma Xiaokui delivered a puberty health education lecture on health education for boys and girls in grades 6 to 9 at 4:05 pm on November 19.

        Vice Principal Ma Xiaokui explained the physical and psychological state of the students, explained many growth puzzles and distresses, and guided and solved the students' difficult problems through the lecture. Principal Ma explained the problems faced by boys and girls in a detailed and vivid way using common student cases, and taught boys and girls how to correctly face the physical and psychological changes.

        The lecture focused on the interpersonal issues that students are particularly concerned about. Principal Ma focused on sharing with students how to deal with interpersonal relationships, a correct view of friendship and love, and how to build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love. Other than that, the lecture also focuses on how to stick to the principles and not be tempted in the face of complex social environments and complex networks.

        Students have a better understanding of their own physical and psychological knowledge. At the same time, it also increases the awareness of safety and prevention, knows how to protect oneself, learns how to get along with fellow students, and knows how to respect and love, and learn to be self-reliant. Such lecture schools will continue to carry out adolescent health education more in-depth and comprehensive, so that young students can grow up healthy and happily in their study and life.

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