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        [Exploring History and Inheriting the Spirit]——The Grade Seven Social Study at Zhoukoudian Historical Site

        Our school organized first-year students to the Zhoukoudian Ape Man Historical Site for social study in order to broaden students' horizons, better understand the development of human history.

        Guided by the instructor, the students visited the famous Ape man Cave and Shanding Dong Cave in the Zhoukoudian site. At the first site of Zhoukoudian site-Apeman Cave, the instructor gave a detailed introduction to the "previous life and present life" of Zhoukoudian site, helping students to understand the greatness and hardships of humans in the process of evolution, and cherish the protection of the natural environment and the understanding of living things.

        The students visited the four exhibition halls of the Zhoukoudian Site Museum. The first exhibition hall showed the discovery and excavation history of the Zhoukoudian Site. The second exhibition hall showed life and environment of the "Beijing people" period. The third exhibition hall showed the locations where the early and late Homo sapiens fossils were found at the Zhoukoudian site. The fourth exhibition hall showed the loss and protection of other fossil sites at the Zhoukoudian site and the fossils of "Beijing people". Students learned the living habits of ancient humans, Peking apes, and the production tools and tools of the development and evolution of human civilization. The pictures in the original history books have seen the originals in the museum, and they have a deeper understanding of history.

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