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        Harvest Season 2016 CCSC’s Graduation Ceremony in Great Hall of the People

        Almost 1000 students, including High School students from Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada, Shen Zhen Concord College of Sino-Canada, An Hui Concord College of Sino-Canada, Gui Yang Concord College of Sino-Canada, and Chang Sha Concord College of Sino-Canada; and Middle School students from Beijing Concord School, Gui Zhou Concord College of Sino-Canada, and Lan Zhou Concord College of Sino-Canada, participated in the “2016 CCSC’s Graduation Ceremony” at the Great Hall of the People on July 9, 2016.

        AKD International Education, which has 19 years experience running schools, has been supported by the governments of Canada and China and has held Graduation Ceremony in Great Hall of the People every year since 2000.  Almost 2000 people participated in this Graduation Ceremony, including: People from Canadian Embassy in China; People from New Bruswick; and other supervisors of different education government departments; stuff from CCSC and students’ parents.  

        The ceremony started at 3:00 p.m. Dr. Pang, Chairman of the Board; Mr. Tao Xi ping, famous educator; officials from New Bruswick; and officials from Canadian Embassy in China presented speeches respectively. The guests rewarded students with plagues and certifications, who won the scholarships.  

        More than 600 CCSC students graduated in this year. Most of them have been accepted by the top 250 universities in the world. The acceptance rate is 100%.    

        BCCSC was established in Great Hall of the People in March 26, 1997, which is in the first group approved by National Education Department; the first contact school for changing courses; the first school participated in the “Round Square” in mainland; and one of the first experimental schools who can edit courses.  BCCSC has an excellent faculty team, including some international teachers appointed by the New Bruswick Education Department. Students in BCCSC can achieve a Chinese High School Diplomat and a Canadian High School Diplomat.

        Since its establishment, CCSC introduced the advanced Canadian teaching skills and established the characteristic education system combining with Canadian and Chinese culture. Students in CCSC not only can master the High School Course, but also can improve their comprehensive abilities by the electives and extra-curricular activities. Every year BCCSC organized Winter Campus in Canada, which enriched students’ life. Bilingual teaching is the characteristics of BCCSC, which enhance students’ English level and removes the language obstacles of applying for international universities.          

        The students graduated from BCCSC achieved a lot of awards in international competitions, which appealed many famous universities to participate in the BCCSC’s Education Exhibition.  

        BCCSC established a bridge for students to display their talents and help them to realize their dreams.

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