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        尊敬的Cindy Termorshuizen女士, John McLaughlin先生,陶西平先生,Shawn Graham先生,家長們,2016屆畢業的同學們,女士們,先生們, 下午好!



        Speech from Dr. Francis Pang

        Ms. Cindy Termorshuizen, Mr. John McLaughlin, Mr. Tao Xiping, Mr. Shawn Graham May, Graduating Class of 2016,Parents, Ladies and Gentlemen:Good Afternoon!

        I have cordially invited everyone here today to join our teachers, parents and friends in celebrating this special occasion with our 2016Graduating Class from BCCSC, SCCSC, ACCSC, GCCSC, HCCSC, LWCCSC and BCS at this prestigious Great Hall of the People.We have great faith and confidence that our graduating students will have a bright future ahead of them. Through higher education, our students will be able to excel in life and be equipped with life-long knowledge, abilities, and leadership skills, which allow them to be invaluable assets to the societies they serve in the future.We are very happy for our graduates, many of whom here today have received final acceptance into various top universities around the world. In Addition to this news, 80% of our graduates have received entrance scholarships at various universities.My dear graduating students, this is your graduation. With it, this marks the end of your senior high school studies and the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Let me tell you that there is nothing you can’t do and sky is not your limit! Think of every challenge as a lesson, it can be something you learn from and overcome.In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a big “Thank You” to our parents for their sincerest support to our schools; also, to our teachers and staff for providing your leadership, hard work and care to our students!Once again, my warmest congratulations to all of our graduates and you will be missed on campus!I wish you success and happiness in your future!

        Thank you very much.

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