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        尊敬的Francis Pang博士,尊敬的紐賓士域省教育部副部長John McLaughlin閣下, 尊敬的紐賓士域省前任省長Shawn Graham 先生,Tao Xiping 先生,親愛的同學們,家長們,各位教職員工:









        Remarks by Chargé d’affaires Cindy Termorshuizen July 9, 2016, the Great Hall of the People

        Dr. Francis Pang; Mr. John Mclaughlin, Vice-Minister of New Brunswick Education; Mr. Shawn Graham, Pre-Governor  of New Brunswick; Mr.TAO Xiping; Dear students, parents, and BCCSC’s staff:

        I would like to be the representative of the Canada Embassy in China to say: “Congratulation to all the students who will graduate today.”

        You should be proud of the skills, knowledge and friendship you have received from BCCSC, which will company you a long time.

        During your program, you have acquired a capacity to understand two cultures, and you can act as a bridge between them.  Each one of you has, in your own way, the capacity to contribute to the further deepening and broadening of the understanding and friendship between Canada and China.  Many of you will go on to pursue post-secondary studies in Canada, and you all have the potential to become goodwill ambassadors between our two countries, each in your chosen area.

        During this final year of your studies, we have celebrated the 45th anniversary of Canada-China diplomatic relations this year, and the Year of People-to-People and Cultural Exchange in both our countries. As senior representatives of both countries have remarked, education is and will continue to be a critical element in the Canada-China relationship.  Education cooperation and international education exchanges create strong people-to-people links. In turn, these links increase our citizens’ understanding of each other’s values, enable greater cooperation, cultural and scientific exchanges, trade and investment, and aid our ability to mutually prosper in the global economy.

        Your graduation of 2016 is a perfect example of this.  You have completed an important phase of your life based on a Canada-China foundation.  And your connections to China, and to Canada, will endure.

        Now, please allow me to give you some advice.  You all know by now that success, however you measure and define it comes from consistent and disciplined work.  The world is constantly changing and we are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.  We need young people like you to step up.  Be open to change, embrace it.

        I know you want to take on this responsibility, and I know you are ready for it.  Don't shy away from an endeavor because you are afraid you might fail - instead, embrace the risk and adapt to the outcomes.  Find work that you love.  Work that has meaning to you, and put in constant and disciplined effort to follow that passion wherever it may lead.

        Congratulation to you again and good luck to you.

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